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At Law Office of John Buza PC, you will get a team behind you that has experience dedicating themselves to finding the truth behind your criminal case. We have been helping clients in the Nassau area deal with criminal cases for many years. We focus on giving our clients a defense that will get them the compensation they need from their insurance companies so they can deal with their bills in the Nassau area. 

No matter what issue pertaining to immigration you or a family member is facing in Nassau, know that there is an experienced criminal attorney that will have your back. Here at Law Office of John Buza PC, we make it our motivation to help our clients out and give them the representation they need in order to tackle the criminal process successfully.

Law Office of John Buza PC is a full-service immigration law firm offering a range of legal services. Over our many years, we have improved our expertise thanks to the different cases we have taken on. Now our practice covers a variety of areas and is designed to support individuals, families and employers throughout the Nassau area looking for help with criminal cases. 

Call us, Law Office of John Buza PC, today at (212) 349-2200 and let us help you by providing legal counseling during your criminal case. Our Nassau firm is located at 20 Vasey St, and we welcome you to come in and speak with us.

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