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Our firm in the Rockland area is built on the idea that our clients deserve top-quality legal representation for their criminal cases. Our firm has many years of experience in defending clients, and your specific criminal case will be thoroughly represented. Clients in the Rockland area know to expect nothing short of excellent and dedicated service when they hire our firm. We will make sure you get the representation you deserve for your case in the Rockland area.

The legal team at Law Office of John Buza PC is experienced at handling the documentation, the appeals, and any other details that are necessary for your criminal case. There are many issues that can surprise those who are inexperienced with Rockland-specific rules and those issues could quickly put a halt to your criminal application and deny your eligibility. 

Here at Law Office of John Buza PC, we are not the kind of attorneys who meet with you once and then disappear and leave you handling your criminal case on your own. We guide you every step of the way during your criminal case and ensure that you are able to defend yourself against your insurance company. We make sure that we have a personal touch here at Law Office of John Buza PC. We meet up with you in the Rockland area and discuss every detail of your case. With all of this information, we build a criminal defense so you can feel good about your chances. 

Get Professional Legal Help! 

Our legal aides at Law Office of John Buza PC are ready to help you take on your criminal case. Trust a professional lawyer from our company to help you through your criminal case, and inform you of all the local laws in the Rockland area that may affect your chance at a successful trial. Give us a call today at (212) 349-2200. 

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